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"Even after living abroad and experiencing people and culture all over the US and other parts of the world, there is something about the Disney Parks and the Disney Magic that keeps me going back for more. Seeing a little girl covered in a Mickey Ice Cream excited for a parade, or a little boy walking hand in hand with his grandpa, and Pluto tucked under his arm, there are so many wonderful memories of Disney Magic. My father took my siblings and I to Disneyworld for the first time when I was 10. Whether we're dining at new restaurants, screaming through Space Mountain, or running a half Marathon down Main Street, it's the place we will grow and share together. 


My soul sister and favorite Disney character is Anna from Frozen. She is so human with her awkwardness and blind faith in people. She loves so fully in her heart for everyone around her and will fight furiously for them. 


My favorite Disney quote is: "Look at the world, so close and I'm halfway to it... Look at me, there at last! I just have to do it." When I heard Rapunzel sing these words for the first time when I was fresh out of High School, I felt them in my core and I have carried them with me through the years. Feeling like we're locked away in a tower for years is a universal struggle, but just like Rapunzel, we're always halfway to our dreams, we just have to make the decision, walk out the door (or jump out the window), and do it!


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