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I have loved Disney for as long as I can remember. Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse and trips to Disney World and Disneyland have always amazed. As a young girl I was fortunate enough to visit Walt Disney World often and have continued that tradition as an adult. Whether it’s a girls trip with my mom and sister, or a family trip with my husband and two step-sons. The excitement and sheer happiness are never less than the first time I visited as a child! It truly is a magical place and it’s that magic that has inspired me to share that amazing feeling with everyone else.


My favorite Disney character is Mickey Mouse, as he’s the leader and he’s always happy and optimistic no matter the situation. He taught me to be kind to everyone and to always be positive, no matter the situation!


"Remember, you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine." -- Snow White


I love planning all sorts of vacations and I look forward to helping you plan your own magical adventure, which will provide memories to last a lifetime!


Call or Text 401-808-5085

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