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As a little girl Samantha always loved going to Walt Disney World. Sitting on her Dads shoulders on Main Street was always the highlight of her vacation. Watching the parades, riding the rides, meeting the characters it was always a magical experience! When Samantha married her high school sweetheart in 2013 she used D’Amico travel to travel back to Disney World (and ride the waves on the Disney cruse line) for there honeymoon. From that day on the magic has been relived year after year with her new little family! Samantha believes that Disney magic is real and if you look deep inside your heart the magic will come alive no matter your age.

Favorite Disney character: Cinderella. Cinderella is my favorite because she never gave up on what she wants in life. Cinderella chased her dreams of leaving that castle and meeting her true love. She stood up for herself. I feel Cinderella is a great example to all little girls. She shows strength, hard work, to never give up on what you feel is right, and of corse that one day your prince will come.

Quote: “I would have nothing if I didn’t have you” (a quote from my sons favorite movie) Monsters Inc. This quote is a quote that always brought tears to me eyes when I became a mom. Without our son I “wouldn’t have nothing”. I always had a life and always had a great one but once my son entered it I had a bigger reason to enjoy life and to live to the fullest.

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