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     At the age of 4, Laura took her first step onto Main Street and knew she was “home”.  Since that first trip, she has gone back so often that she has lost count!  When she met her future husband, Scott, he had never traveled to Disney, except for his senior trip.   Therefore, he didn’t yet understand the scope or magnitude of her love of Disney… until he went with her, that is.  Now, it’s safe to say that the Disney affection is mutual, and he loves it just as much!   

     Since that first trip together, Laura and Scott have been called upon as resident Disney experts in their broad circles of friends and family.  They have helped countless people plan their trips, and get just as excited as if each trip was their own!  They acknowledge the fact that, while magical and exciting, planning a Disney vacation can undoubtedly be a daunting task.  With so many options, it can be overwhelming to plan if it’s your first trip.  With innovative updates and changes being offered, it can be equally challenging even if you’re a seasoned Disney guest!  

    Laura and Scott would love to use their experience to help make your Disney experience be the dream vacation you have always wanted.  They have personally planned and enjoyed all types of Disney excursions…from rejuvenating adults-only getaways (yes, Disney has so much to offer, even if sans kiddos),  to fun and festive girls’ trips, to celebratory family reunions, and even sailing to paradise aboard the Disney Cruise Line!  Knowing you have experts to reach out to will make your dream vacation all the more MAGICAL!

Favorite Disney Character/Quote:  “It was all started by a mouse!” – Walt Disney.


Call or Text:

     Laura (856) - 404-4994

     Scott (856) – 404-0260


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